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Attention !!!

This is a list of winners at our Autumn Cruise that did not pick up their awards. If you would like to pick them up contact 

Ken Tucker 419-294-7129 or Dave Yeater 567-232-1024

Paul Wilson #246

Steve Wasserman #604

Chuck Brendle #176

Mary & Rick Marti #263

Ken Yambert#611

John & Tami Wyatt #298

David R Eschedor#672

Brent Dudgeon #35

Robert John #577

Jerry Kochheiser #456

Art & Linda Klopp #414

John Carlson #538

Nick Confalone #37

John Garner #352

Earl Roth #25

Mike Green #603

Mitchell Bennett #363

Joe Lernout #83

Thanks for supporting our cruise!

An email from one of our participants

This is why we do what we do! 😀 Thanks


I just wanted to commend you folks for doing such a great job of putting on a car show. This makes my 6th year for attending and I look forward to coming each year, however, I must admit that I hate leaving for fear something will happen to me and prevent me from coming back. The Golden Years are not always so golden, but God willing I will be back next year. I personally feel that you put on one of the best shows around outside of Goodguys in Columbus, but for a local show you are the best. Let me explain or support my reasons for saying this. Atmosphere - This is a show for all ages. All one has to do is to look around see us seniors as well as toddlers taking advantage of what is available. Nothing pleases me more than to see youngsters riding with their parents in the vehicles of the past. Just like the saying goes, "Bring a kid to a car show" because this is how we get kids interested in cars. Cruising - This is really great to have and to see. Most shows don't want to go there because of hot rodding, but in all my years of going to shows with cruising, I have viewed very few incidents of abuse. Everyone handles the responsibility quite well. I enjoy a show like this because not only do I like to see the cars, but I love to hear the engines because it makes the show come alive. Food - There is never a shortage of food available and at reasonable prices too. Restaurants, churches, stores, service groups etc. all get involved which helps all the attendees to get food regardless of where they are at. Stores/Merchants - Many stores are open throughout the stores for people to shop or browse around. I know my wife enjoys going in and out of the different stores while we are there. My wife always comments on the friendliness of the merchants when she walks into their stores. It really makes her feel welcome. Door prizes - Wow! What an abundance of prizes. Now I know this is no easy job as I have helped to put on shows as businesses hate to see you come because they get hit on all the time, but somehow you make it happen. I believe it is because the area businesses ban together to make this a terrific event for the entire community. Kudos to those businesses and your sponsors. Profits - I enjoy going to car shows that have a real good cause to donate the proceeds to. No only do you say you are going to do it, you also say how much goes to each charity over the years. Nothing is hidden. Awards - Your awards are great and I do realize there are a lot of trophy hunters out there. They should be happy to have their cars recognized. For me and I am not bragging, but I am beyond the trophies as I have a garage full from over the years. I am at the time when I would like to see some people receive trophies that don't always receive one so they can experience the thrill that I did when I was younger. I know not all car guys would agree with me. In closing I again want to thank you for a wonderful time. This has become the highlight of my summer as it soon will be coming to a close. It is very evident of the hard work, organization, long hours and a community effort that makes this rewarding and possible. Please keep up the good work and I hope my comments will help you in future planning. I am a big believer in collecting data to drive improvement and using feedback whether it be negative or positive to create the necessary changes for improvement. Best of Luck, John  K.


Major Water main leak

  On Friday night 9/21/2018 at approximately 8:15 PM, the City of Upper Sandusky had a major water leak in the 200 block of North Sandusky Avenue. City crews were dispatched and worked throughout the night into the early morning making the repairs. Crews also repaired the roadway and cleaned up the massive amount of mud from the roadway. Wyandot Classics and Cruisers would like to thank the following people for the help in doing these repairs, so our cruise could go on without any inconvenience to our guests.

Water Department       Street Department   Waste Water Collections

Aaron Schoenberger      Brad Taylor                    Eric Yeater

Don Thornton

Andy Gunther

Mike Noyes

Chris Swartz

Fire Department              Police Department 

Chief Lynn Yeater              Roger Hetzel

 Scott Young 

 Matt Vanderpool 

 Drew Book 

 Dalton Kinley 

 Cory Taylor 

John Westbrook     

2019 Car Show-Cruise

September, 28 2019

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  Since 2001, Wyandot Classics and Cruisers Car and Truck Club have conducted an annual cruise-in for charity in downtown Upper Sandusky, Ohio, on the fourth Saturday in September. Our club promotes camaraderie and enthusiasm for the classics, custom automobiles and trucks to bring back the memories of the past. The pride we have for our vehicles is shared with the community by participating in car shows for local charities and civic organizations. We as a club share our pride and love of automobiles and trucks, regardless of the year, in the hope of passing it on to future 


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2017 Best of Show

Steve & Sue Snavely 1941 Dodge Pickup

Brent Dudgeon 1960 Chevrolet Impala

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